It is important to know the dimensions and characteristics of a pickleball court as you learn to play it or transition from tennis.

Pickleball courts are roughly the same size as doubles badminton courts and measure 44 feet in length (inclusive all lines) and 20ft wide (inclusive all lines). The net is 36 inches high at each sideline and 34 inches in the middle. A pickleball court looks similar to a tennis court. It is striped with right- and left-hand service courts, and a 7-foot zone that is not used for volley. This is known as the kitchen.

You can make your own pickleball courts. You might consider buying a regulation-sized net. You can use the net in multi-purpose gyms, in local parks, or in your own driveway.

The pickleball net is USA Pickleball (USAPA) regulation size (36″H x 22’W), making it great for tournaments or casual games. For exceptional playability, the net has a Velcro strap that can be adjusted to adjust tension. The net has a center post that maintains the regulation net height throughout the length of the court. The net quickly and easily collapses into a lightweight bag measuring 40″ L x 7′ W x 5″ H. It has straps and wheels that allow you to transport the bag around.